Our Leader

Our Leader (Dr.A.Velmurugan) has succeeded in the way of teaching the rights of a journalist, He also has conducted hundreds of protest campaign for the journalists legally and he has sorted the problems and issues immediately, he also helps for the development of small and medium press organisations for their welfare.
  • Editor and publisher of investigation reporter (fortnightly magazine).
  • Editor of news TV.
  • Editor of aipma TV.
  • Editor of aipma Legendary TV.
  • Founder of Ulagha Veera Tamilar Kalam.
  • The proprietor of cyber detective agency.
  • Secretary of Bhartiya prani Mitra Sangh.
  • General Secretary of Saraswati Kala Kendra (school of fine arts).
  • Member of jallikattu monetary team (animal welfare board of India).
  • Producer and actor of the Tamil cinema industry.
  • Member of censor board (Government of India).
  • Managing trustee of Nan agam.
  • Director of legendary solution private limited.
  • Managing director of sanvick acres.
  • Managing committee member of Maju Jaya (Malaysian travel and tourism).