Past Activity

Before entering into the AIPMA association our leader has spent 35 years of public life. Also, he came across many associations, at last, he realized and chose journalism and started the association AIPMA.

Our leader has a good close relationship with our current leader & Government associates and also politicians to establish the rules and regulations according to the jurisdiction of the Indian government.

Our Association AIPMA has done more than hundreds of protest for the development of journalist and also to establish welfare board for journalists

Also, our association has fought for alcohol prohibition and also for the other drugs and gutka.

Also, our leader has initiated a protest against the idea that the TV serials and online short series should have sensor boards.

As continuity, we also fought for journalists & the public whenever and wherever they have been misguided or harassed by the society or by politically, we stood for them as a protection for the journalists.

Also in Tamil Nadu when we had a jallikattu protest our AIPMA leader initiated a big role and supported the public and the journalist.

Also, He fights for the animal’s welfare and also raised his voice against violent behavior on the animals.


Present activity

Right now in 2020, our whole world is facing a pandemic issue caused by a virus called coronavirus (COVID-19), in which our association AIPMA initiated the progress to help the journalists and their family those who are below the poverty line and also for those who are suffering to live a modest and normal life.

AIPMA helps them by providing them the monthly provisions for them and for their family.

Also, we are increasing our members to help the public and society also our existing journalists were been sent to do all the remote places where people need help, also so we are educating the public ok by giving bit notice, wall art, Street art, web channels cable TV, also we are working with the honorable police department and the government officials, in the process of eradicating coronavirus.


Future Activity

Despite many successes and failures along the way, the key to success is to think and fight for victory and to put it into practice.

I Dr. A. Velmurugan,

I am not a writer, I am not a news aggregator, I am not a news editor, but, I am a complete journalist.

Our principle is that the entire journalists’ union in the world should fight for them, give them a voice and uphold the law, any common man, or a journalist in any corner of the globe, suffers, or his freedom of expression is violated, or his mind and body are persecuted. Our goal is to bring about a healthy change in human society.

Society’s Infectious disease, like theft, murder, robbery, child marriage, corruption, child rape, infanticide, begging, organ trafficking, adulteries, fraudulent, online theft, senior citizen violation, flesh marketing, drug, liquor. Etc.

Also Nature Destruction, Natural Resource Theft, Soil Plunder, Air Pollution, Noise Pollution, Environmental Pollution, etc.

One of our national and natural creatures such as animals, we humans are killing, trafficking them, and also destroying natural resources and wildlife livelihoods for our profits.

These kinds of problems should be eradicated and our culture, our wellness, our rights, and righteousness should be established.

What is your role to be a part of it?

All the above-mentioned atrocities will be happening in our society, if you are a true journalist you need to fight for justice and should raise your voice against injustice, also you should protect the law and the law abiders at any cost, this is the real identity of the journalist, this is the real activity of socialism also being a common man you are making the society and surroundings better and good. You need no one to support you; you are enough to bring changes to the society where you live.

 Long live journalism, One journalist in every single house from our entire nation is our goal.

“Jai Hind”

  • A. Velmurugan.


Our Following Activity